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The Podcasts for November are here!

There have been a slew of podcasts released recently, so to catch you up on the excitement going on at Becoming Ultra, here’s a quick rundown of each.

Susan Takes Control of her Strength Training

Strength seems to be going well, especially with the weights, ending reps not feeling as difficult. But the question is if it’s feeling easy, should you go up in weight? The answer in short is yes. Scott and Susan go into detail about reps and movements that will complement the training. There’s going to be longer runs, time on feet, and ramping up for the race (Bandrea) on the cardio end of it. December is lookin’ good!


Caroline Deals with the Unknown, Keep pushing Forward!

Caroline has had some odd pain in her chest after certain distances and certain efforts.  She has been trying to pin down the exact cause and continue to run based on what her doctors are allowing after her recent stress test.  This call was as much a pep talk to what all can come in the way of positive outcomes no matter what the diagnoses ends up being.


My First Ultra: Paula Takes on 50 solo mile in the Alaskan Wilderness

Paula was going to run the American River 50 last year but tragedy hit her family and she couldn’t use her training for the event. So, she refocused her efforts to a 50 miler in the Alaskan wilderness.  Listen to the experience on today’s show which features the first ultra of runners all over the world!


Candy Goes to Trail Camp, Gets Inspired!

Candy had the chance to head out to California for the Band Of Runners trail camp and shared the inspiring experience today. Also, a change from distance to timed runs for her long efforts in the works.

Check out the 2019 Trail Camp which is now open and it will be so fun and invigorating! The Rocky Mountains are calling, will you answer?


BAC: Red Needs to Prioritize Certain Runs with some Crazy Life Stuff going on

Red has a friend going through a very hard time. In typical Red style, she is there to help but she is still very motivated and disciplined to get her running in as well.  This was a great call and both Scott and Red probably forgot they were recording.  Hopefully, you can learn something from it, we always do!


Dan’s Dang Ankle

Dan turned his ankle recently and hasn’t been able to get the swelling down.  His work and travel have made it quite the challenge so we continue to troubleshoot and figure some options that may make the situation better while he heals.  Talking about a frustrating injury that so many runners deal with is sure to give some perspective out there!  Liza also shares her experience from the annual Band Of Runners Trail Camp.


BAC: From Thoughts of Quitting to Memories that got Sara through basic training

Sara has had lots of ups and downs in this training cycle both physically and mentally.  It’s pretty normal but when this whole ultra thing is new to you, it sure doesn’t feel like it.  “I was going to call you to say I didn’t think I could do this…”  Yeah, I’ve heard that as a coach so many times, and it’s okay.  If you face these thoughts head on, you can beat them.  It was a good, real, coaching call!

Stephanie Dannenberg

Steph has been running really far in really hot, cold, dry, and rainy places. She is the newest coach for Becoming Ultra and contributes on the podcast regularly!