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Run Gum is back for the second of a regularly scheduled show to be released every two weeks.

What is it like working at a start up that never sleeps when you are the go to?  

We get to talk to Nathan about the culture at Run Gum and how he is managing the balancing act. If you are a runner, you will totally get it and we even brainstorm some of the tricks that help us unplug and the ones that helps us get stuff done.

Run Gum is a brand partner of the Becoming Ultra show and as always, listen for a way to win some Run Gum for yourself!

Win Run Gum:

Leave a comment on the trick or tip that you follow to find balance in your life below and we will pick a winner randomly for a box of RunGum of your choice!  Choosing winners on Tuesdays!

Dont’ forget. if you want to support Becoming Ultra and Run Gum, we have 10% on all Run Gum Product HERE.

Listen to the show.


Scott is the founder of Becoming Ultra and spends most of his time with his family and ideas to get people moving!

1 thought on “Run Gum:02 Work, running, family. How one start up handles the balancing act (for runners too).”

  1. The biggest trick or tip is to have a very understanding wife. I work so very long hours and still find time to get my runs in. She is so very supportive and understanding and supports me. Having someone like that in my corner makes life all that much better!

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