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Season 8

Apply to Season 8 of Becoming Ultra

Becoming Ultra Season 8 is HERE! We are taking applications from November 8-14 and will be selecting the featured runners on November 15th. As in years past, we are asking that when you apply, you COMMIT to the amazing race we have picked this season!

Becoming Ultra is celebrating our 8th season with our first ever run in the Pacific Northwest. Everything you need to know to apply is below. But, you don’t need to know everything to apply, just take a deep breath and go for it!

The basics

What is Becoming Ultra? Becoming Ultra is a coaching and media platform meant to leverage some of the best coaches in the industry and extreme accountability to get runners out and running big time ultra distance events.

Smith Rock State Park near Bend, Oregon is this years location!

What is expected of the athlete? Well, first of all, you are applying for a legitimate coaching service. Whether we choose you as one of the 2 featured athletes or decide you are a great fit for our other coaching services, you will be working with a coach as a paid service. We will just be documenting every step along the way to inspire our listeners and keep you highly accountable. Any details not covered on this page are detailed on the application.

What is the featured race? We have finally decided to head to the Northwest for the first time! The Smith Rock 50k is a stunning location with runnable single track on most of the course. We interviewed the race director to give you a better feel of the course too!

What can I expect if I apply? The application’s are live from November 8th until November 14th. The coaches will then record a live podcast to go through and decide which runner’s they will feature! The featured runners will be picked on November 15th. It’s pretty tense really! You WILL have a mandatory AUDIO portion of the application this season. It’s easy, just 90 seconds of why we should choose you! We will be sending the audio link after your initial application! If you already know you are applying, go record now!

If you don’t know much about the project you can always hop on and listen to past seasons to get a feel for it.

Who shouldn’t apply? Flakes, excuse makers, people who will quit after a week (happened), or after 3 months (happened), or not show up on race day (happened). We love the drama that goes with this project but want you to know that you should be pretty dang committed to see this through. It is NOT easy!

The Coaches

Ian Sharman

One of the best and most consistent runners in the sport, Ian is a coach, runner, and founder of Sharman Ultra coaching. We are pumped ot have him back as a coach for this season. His Sharman Ultra Bio.

Coast Mountain Trail Series

Ellie Greenwood

We have gotten to know Ellie very well over the last year and she is an amazing person and coach. She is an awesome athlete and human who brings her own style to the coaching and calls! Sharman Ultra Bio. Photo: Coast Mountain Trail Series

Scott Jones

Scott is the founder and host of Becoming Ultra as well as a lifelong coach with his M.S. in exercise science! He is working to get as many runners to the start line as possible every season. We think Season 8 can be a record breaker!

Past Becoming Ultra Runners

While I think I might’ve been able to complete an ultra at some point on my own, having Becoming Ultra as a support group and my coach as a resource made all the difference. Not only did I finish the Zion 50K, I finished it feeling incredibly strong and ready to do another. It was an amazing experience and I recommend it to everyone. Becoming Ultra also helped me meet people that are now lifelong friends. The community is like no other.

ELI NETTLES | Season 5 | Zion 50k

Running an ultra seemed like it was out of reach for someone like me, a normal everyday runner. After being a part of the Becoming Ultra Project, I know that ultras are for anyone who is willing to put in the work and effort. Working with coaches who understand that we are adults with families, jobs, and busy schedules allowed me to realize that running an ultra is a realistic goal. I am a more confident person and runner because of BU. 

REBECCA ROEHM | Season 4 | Voyageur 50

Scott and Team BU were awesome during my journey to my first Ultra, helping with the ebbs and flows of training and mental self questioning, always giving positive support. It was great having them in my corner and at my finish! I’m glad we shared this ultra experience and continued journey.  

HEATH THOMAS | Season 5 | Zion 50k

I wanted to try ultra running for many years, but training for one requires significant accountability to oneself – and I am historically better at being accountable to other people than to myself. I probably would not have stuck to training for my first ultramarathon without the support of Becoming Ultra Season 7. I needed help creating a long-term training plan, to understand what to expect both physically and mentally, and to have a community that would remind me daily how magical the sport of ultra running can be, especially when training got tough. Needless to say, I’m an ultra running addict now. Thanks to the Becoming Ultra community and my incredible Season 7 coach, Ellie Greenwood, I have far surpassed what I thought my mind and body were capable of. I’ve gone from watching people run 50Ks, 100Ks and even 100+ milers on TV thinking, “That looks fun but how is that possible?” to thinking, “I can do that…I’m signing up for another one!” Thank you Becoming Ultra!

CHELSEA JORDAN | Season 7 | Cloudsplitter 50k

I am so blessed for the amazing opportunity to work with my running hero through constant guided feedback to gauge progress along the journey. The bi-monthly Becoming Ultra Podcasts and community kept me accountable and motivated to complete this training for one of the best ultra running experiences yet.

HEATHER FICKE | Season 7 | Cloudsplitter 50k